Craft liqueurs, honey and candies made by are produced in Donori, the so called ‘old Roman granary’, situated in the Parteolla area, in the south of Sardinia.

This land is characterised by Mediterranean flora, such as Lentisk, Myrtle, and Strawberry tree. This rich and spontaneous flora exist also thanks to the river Rio Mannu, whose waters irrigate the countryside nearby. From the combination of a variegated and spontaneous flora with the mild climate of Sardinia, fruits rich in nutritional values with beneficial properties are born.

Our products, through traditional methods, preserve the qualitative properties, and the flavours and aromas of our beautiful island.

Myrtle berry craft liqueurs - Myrtle berries are picked in November and December, and brought to us by expert people with long experience. The berries are washed and infused with alcohol. The infusion is kept for two months. Afterwards, the berries are pressed to obtain the basic infusion for the liqueur. Finally, water and sugar are added.

Lemon craft liqueur - Lemons ripe under the Sardinian sun, are washed and cut by hand. Their peels, fragrant and with a rich essence, are dipped in alcohol for many days. From this hydro-alcoholic infusion, we produce our Limondoro, a delicious liqueur, pleasant and spicy, to drink after a meal or in any other occasion.