Mielica Aresu has developed its products through the experience of three generations of family farming and beekeeping. lt was in 1939 that Augusto Aresu started with passion the activity of beekeeping and honey production, setting up the base for the family business, which was developed further, with the same passion, by his daughter Maria Aresu.
She managed and led the company until the year 2000, year in which Mielica Aresu srl was founded.
Through this long experience, Mielica Aresu srl, a young and dynamic company, has developed high quality products, following the traditional methods of production, and constantly monitoring all the ingredients used, to ensure their high quality standard.
Together with our flagship products, the myrtle berry liqueurs, our company produces a wide range of completely natural, traditional Sardinian liqueurs.
To emphasize the quality of our products, we paid a particular attention to their packaging, to give them prestige and uniqueness.